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JUUL Starter Kit

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Juul is the new healthier and finer alternative for smoking traditional cigarettes.

With the Juul starter kit you can enjoy the light steaming anywhere you like in 4 flavours.

The content of the package

  • Juul device
  • 4 pieces of Juul pods: mango, cream, tobacco, mint
  • USB charger
  • User’s guideline


  • american development
  • easy to use
  • light and clean experience
  • designed for traditional smokers
  • 100% smokeless
  • steaming without pressing a button

Technical features

JUUL device:

Size: 9,48cm x 1,5 cm (with pod)

battery: 200 mAh

Output power: 8 Watt

A fully charged battery enables smoking 1 pod

Protective function against overloading

Material: aluminium

Color: dark grey, silver

Battery signal with LED


Lasts about 200 puffs

Capacity: 0,7ml

Nicotine content: 12,6mg (eu)

Nicotine salt, nicotine base

Only compatible with the original JUUL battery


This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive chemical.We recomment this product to those who want to quit smoking

Put the cig down!

Juul Labs was founded by two ex-smokers, James Monsees and Adam Bowen with the intention of making quitting smoking easier. The Juul was developed to be the proper alternative of smoking

The JUUL fits anywhere, it’s small and practical. It has regulated temperature control so it gives an experience that nothing else can

The battery is easily charged with the magnetic USB dock. The battery is fully charged after 50 minutes of charging. The LED signals the battery life span

With the 4 flavors that come with the JUUL Starter Kit you will find your favorite.It will not make you cough Thanks to the nicotine salt it gives a light and enjoyable experience.

You don’t have to switch it on, it’s fully automatic.

You can enjoy your vaping moments anytime.

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