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Juul Pod

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Content of the package

  • 4 pieces of Juul pods


  • The Juul pod contains nicotine salt, not free base nicotine like cigarettes
  • With the overloading protective system it gives an experience nothing else can.

Technical features

1 pod enables about 200 puffs

Capacity: 0,7ml

Nicotine content: 12,6mg (EU)

Nicotine salt, as nicotine base

Only compatible with the original battery


This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive chemical. The product is recommended to those who want to quit smoking.

Taking the Pod apart and refilling (only EU version)

With the help of this guideline you can learn how to refill your JUUL Pod. Attempt only on your own responsibility.

  1. Remove the Pod from the Juul device!
  2. Turn the black bottlecap strongly in any direction. Thanks to the flexibility of the plastic, it will come off the container..
  3. Remove the blackrubber! You can use your nail for this procedure.
  4. Fill the container with the refill liquid until the sign-!
  5. Put the black rubber back and connect the bottlecap to the container. After putting it back together make sure that the surface of the pod is not covered with any liquid!
  6. Put the mouthpiece to your mouth, then blow into the pod. While doing so hold wipe under the container. With this operation you remove all the liquid which is stuck in the metal tube.
  7. Connect the pod to the device. You successfully refilled your pod, you can use your JUUL in the ordinary way

There is organic cotton wool in the pod which can burn while using the device. In case you feel an aftertaste, quit using that specific pod!

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